2022 end year party
제 60차 한국인지 및 생물심리학회


  • Feb 2023, Y-lab got its first Korean governmental grant! It is a rewarding experience for the hard work that Y-lab has done! Stay tuned for Y-lab’s exciting science coming through!
  • Feb 2023, Michael presented at KAIST and Yonsei University, discussing how exciting Y-lab’s researches are!
  • Jan. 2023, Jungwoo’s (co-mentored with Prof. Choong-Wan Woo) poster has been accepted in CoSyNe 2023. CoSyNe has a notorious reputation against fMRI research, and he proudly made it through! Congratulations!
  • Nov. 2021, Jungwoo (co-mentored with Prof. Choong-Wan Woo) and Jaeyoung (co-mentored with Prof. Won-Mok Shim) presented the lab’s 1st SFN poster. 
  • Mar. 2021, Michael started the Yoolab at Institution for Basic Science (IBS) and SungKyunKwan University. We are actively hiring highly motivated postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate interns.
  • Jan. 2021 Michael’s paper with Benjamin Hayden got accepted to Nature Communications.Jan. 2021 Michael’s paper with Benjamin Hayden and John Pearson got accepted to Philosophical Transactions in Royal Society B.